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With over twenty years experience within the recruitment sector, Kingsbridge Recruitment Insurance are well placed to offer policies that are tailor made for recruitment agencies.

Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies

Protecting Recruitment Agencies with Tailored Cover

At Kingsbridge Recruitment Insurance, we recognise the unique nature of every business, especially within the dynamic and fast-paced Recruitment Sector. That’s why we craft bespoke insurance solutions precisely aligned with your distinct requirements. Our dedicated team of insurance specialists ensures tailored coverage, backed by A-rated insurers, delivering peace of mind and specialist protection for recruitment agencies.

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Policy benefits of our Recruitment Insurance

By working with our global partner Zurich Insurance, we have tailored a full insurance solution for your business, which includes the following exclusive policy benefits:

  • Professional indemnity up to £10 million
  • Public liability up to £10 million
  • Employers’ liability up to £25 million
  • Vicarious liability extension
  • Cover for temporary placement
  • Drivers’ negligence
  • Legal expenses
  • Management liability
  • Cyber cover

Frequently asked questions

  • What insurance cover does a recruitment agency need?

    Insurance needs for recruitment agencies aren’t one-size-fits-all. They depend heavily on your company size, structure, and operations.

    While essentials like public liability and employers’ liability are a must in this sector, additional coverage depends on your business terms. Professional indemnity insurance, protecting you from negligence claims, is crucial. Beyond these core needs, a thorough risk assessment ensures you have the right coverage for your agency.

    Unsure what you need? Our team can guide you through the process, ensuring your agency is comprehensively protected.

  • What is professional indemnity insurance?

    Professional indemnity insurance safeguards your business from costly legal claims arising from professional negligence. This includes situations where a client might sue you for:

    • Offering inaccurate or misleading advice
    • Failing to conduct necessary background checks on potential hires
    • Accidentally breaching client confidentiality

    The policy can also extend to cover claims for defamation or intellectual property violations.

    Even the most meticulous professionals can make unintentional mistakes. Professional indemnity insurance provides peace of mind, ensuring your business isn’t left financially vulnerable in the event of an error.

  • What is retroactive cover?

    Professional Indemnity insurance protects you for claims arising from your work, but there’s a crucial distinction to understand.

    • Retroactive cover: This extends your policy’s protection to claims arising from work done before you started the policy, as long as the claim is made during the policy period. Be sure to provide your chosen retroactive date when obtaining your policy.
    • Claims made basis: This means your insurance will only cover claims made while your policy is active, regardless of when the actual work was carried out.
  • What is public liabilty insurance?

    Public liability, general liability, and third-party liability insurance all refer to the same essential coverage. This insurance safeguards your business against two common risks:

    • Property damage: If a customer, visitor, or passerby suffers property damage due to your business activities, your insurance covers this.
    • Physical injury: The policy extends protection if a third-party sustains bodily harm on your premises or as a result of your work.

    Accidents happen, even in the most attentive workplaces. A slip, trip, or mishap can lead to costly claims. Public liability insurance provides peace of mind, ensuring your business isn’t left financially vulnerable in the event of a third-party claim.

  • What is drivers' negligence insurance?

    Protect your clients and your business with Drivers’ Negligence Insurance. This specialised cover safeguards you from financial responsibility for repairs to an end client’s vehicle, should it be damaged due to the negligence of a driver you have  supplied.

    Here’s why it matters:

    • Client satisfaction: Prevents minor repair claims impacting a client’s insurance premiums, maintaining a positive relationship.
    • Growing demand: More clients are requesting this coverage, ensuring you meet their evolving needs.

    Important to note: Drivers’ Negligence Insurance is specific to damage to the client’s vehicle and does not extend to third-party property or injuries.

  • What is vicarious liability cover - and do I need it?

    Vicarious Liability Insurance is an add-on that extends your professional indemnity cover, safeguarding you against negligent acts by workers you supply to clients.

    Why it matters:

    • Contractual obligations: Some client contracts require this coverage, leaving you exposed without it.
    • Expanded liability: Non-standard terms can unexpectedly extend your liability for worker actions.

    Vicarious liability claims can be costly. Don’t leave your business vulnerable. Talk to our team today to understand your specific needs and secure the right protection.